Bacon fascination

This week’s quest was to find out how far the devotion to all things bacon has gone and is bacon still trending, what’s its status – is it a novelty food, a condiment, does it merit its own food grouping?  Burger King in the U.S. announced a back in April that it was adding a bacon sundae to the menu.  Naturally this generated lots of online debate, including Atlantic Wire magazine saying that the whole bacon trend is passe.  That is so not true.

Geek culture is still commanding legions of bacon devotees.  There are bacon festivals happening all over and new bacon products coming out all the time.  My own Bacon All the Time Pinterest Board has greatest number of followers of all my pinboards, so don’t tell me the bacon trend has jumped the shark.  Yes, my passion for this food is cured by bacon, but let’s get back to the meat of the story for a moment….

Bacon is one of the world’s oldest meat, dating back to the 1500’s.  Every culture has it’s bacon, Italy has pancetta, there’s Irish bacon, Canada has back bacon or peameal. Bruce Aidell’s,  Complete Book of Pork(HarperCollins), says the aroma of cooking bacon is so alluring, it’s rare that anyone — including low-fat dieters and even vegetarians — can turn up their nose at a plate of freshly cooked bacon.  Bacon is a sensual cured meat, isn’t it?

President’s Choice Black Label luxury condiment

Bacon is still a hot choice for Toronto foodies.  Loblaw’s new Black Label luxury food line includes this wonderful condiment.  The suggested recipe for this is Cheddar Bacon Marmelade Toasts.  Sounds like an interesting brunch item or a great late night snack after an evening of beer drinking.  Curbside Bliss a Toronto food truck specializing in cupcakes features what is called a “man cake”, a cupcake made with Guinness and topped with candied bacon and chocolate.

However, for the serious baconistas out there, the major event starts on July 5, 2012 through July 17, 2012, with four restaurants competing to create the best bacon dinner as part of Dishcrawl Toronto.  The Beast Restaurant on Tecumseth St; Le Canard Mort, on Queen St. E;  The Good Fork, on Bloor St. W and Blue Plate  on Roncesvalles will be participating.  Great menus and a worldly assortment of bacon dishes.  Tickets are $80.00 each and going fast.
Well, seems to me that bacon continues to trend, in this town anyways.  This time next year, it may reach cult proportions – the momentum and the opportunity is there.  So my friends let me know where you’ve enjoyed the best bacon this city can offer and I leave you with this, 

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