The unexpected brunch

I start my birthday activities twenty-four hours before the actual date.  Today is Sunday and tomorrow is my birthday, so my daughter took me out.  Feeling hungry after our workout at the gym, we thought we’d go for breakfast at one of our usual places that serves this all day.

We have a roster of regular places that we go to for breakfast, the Pickle Barrel in Atrium on Bay, Eggspectations at the Eaton Centre or Over Easy on Bloor St.  All places where we pretty much know the menus by heart.  To switch things up we thought we’d head over the Milestones.  Upon our arrival we were pleased to find out that they have a brunch menu with some wonderful choices.  There’s something about a surprise menu that gets us excited.  (Clearly we eat out too much!)

Daunted by the newness of this brunch menu it took us a while to decide.  They have a great brunch bundle for $18.99, which includes fruit and a mimosa, followed by a choice of a variety of eggs Benedict or omelets.

Chopped fruit salad and tropical mimosa

I opted for the brunch bundle with the spinach and feta omelet.

Spinach and feta omelet with potatoes and diced Roma tomatoes.
Spinach and feta omelet with potatoes and diced Roma tomatoes.

My daughter had the Grilled Shrimp California Benedict with house-made avocado salsa.

Grilled shrimp eggs benedict with avocado salsa.
Grilled shrimp eggs Benedict with avocado salsa.

One of the things I like about Milestones is that the menu is updated and changed regularly with seasonal items.  They also feature a number of weeknight specials and promotions that are good value.  The modern decor and great view at the Yonge Dundas Square location is one of my favourites.  The private dining room is cosy and there are tables that can accommodate groups of six to eight.  The brunch items which can be found on their website are different and interesting as well their drink menu features cocktails developed by their staff.  Consistency and quality are some of the reasons that I enjoy Milestones and well as reasonable prices.  Happy eating!


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