All things butter and sweetness, Nadège – Toronto

There’s nothing like stepping into a place that is all things butter.  Butter is one of my favourite foods, sweet, creamy and when done properly, light.  Sweet pairings of fruit, custard and chocolate surround you.  You have no choice but to surrender.

Nadege is fine patisserie, in a word, art. When you first walk in to the Nadege location at 780 Queen St. you are struck by the design, the exuberant colours of arranged patisseries, like objects d’art set against by bright white walls.

Nadege display

Everything  is perfect, nothing out-of-place and the smell of filtered coffee wafting through the air.  I like to look through the big window at the back at the pastry chefs and apprentices working with butter, sugar and crème patissière.


Nadege was one of the first places in Toronto to offer the very colourful and vogue macarons.  If you’ve not been initiated to macarons, then you must find your way down here as soon as possible.  While there are so many flavours, I love the vanilla ones.

Nadege madeleines

Boxes of tender, crumbly Madeleines are available in different flavours, simply boxed for gift giving.  Homemade marshmallows are like eating candy flavoured clouds,  full flavours and not overly sweet.IMG_7276

On a recent visit I had one of the turkey sandwiches, fresh roasted turkey, cranberry relish, old cheddar and slightly heated.  In addition, they also have croissant sandwiches with equally wonderful fillings.

sandwiches nadege

Other items of butter wonder, include these miniature almond kugelhopf – Austrian bundt cake topped with crunchy sugar glaze.  There’s no excuse not to get here, it’s right on the 501 Street Car line and right next to Trinity Bellwoods Park.  You can also find them at 1099 Yonge St (at Marlborough).



2 thoughts on “All things butter and sweetness, Nadège – Toronto

  1. Gorgeous photos of decadent desserts! Nadege is a guilty pleasure sometimes when walking Roxy in Trinity Bellwoods!

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