Mexican Brunch, like you’re on vacation at Milagro Cantina – Mexican Restaurants part 1

I’ve proclaimed January 2014 my month of latino foods.  It’s been freezing like hell here and like everyone else I’d like to be seaside listening to the surf and indulging in a hedonistic lifestyle. Milagro PosterBut alas, my only option right now is to find some Cumbia Colombiana on YouTube to listen to and venture out into the deep freeze to places where the food is spicy and the decor is bright and takes me away.  This is the first instalment of a series of three or so posts about some of the places that have become new favourites.

My constant look out for all things new and tasty brought me to Milagro Cantina on Mercer St for brunch.  I’ve eaten more than my share of good and bad eggs Benedict across this city and Mexican brunch immediately got my attention.

Brunch on Saturday is never as busy as on Sunday.  We arrive early and there weren’t many people seated, which does kind of make me wonder if this is an sign of the Milagro interior1food or the service.  Nevertheless, after looking around some, there was a big group seated in the private dining area who seemed to be enjoying themselves.  A number of tables had quiet couples, slowly sipping the last of their coffees.

It’s noon and I debate whether it’s too early for a cocktail. Traditional margaritas, mojitos and enough other drinks made with various categories of Tequila – I’m beginning to see this list as a work plan for repeated visits.

My guest has the Tacos Rosarito; sautéed shrimp, refritos (refried beans); crema, avocado and salsa rosarito.  Fresh shrimp sweet and not overcooked and just a small amount of crema to enhance the avocado.

I have the Acapulco Sunrise and the Huevos Mexicana.  The eggs are tasty and I love the richness of the homemade refritos.  The best part of brunch is of course having dessert.  Brunch justifies getting up and late and eating later because you can allow yourself dessert, that’s my story anyways.  So we finish with the Mexican French toast.  French bread soaked in goat’s milk and eggs with warm cajeta (caramel) sauce.

Milagro French toastBy the time we are finishing our meal, about 1:30 p.m.  it’s getting busier.   The decor is soothing and the music smooth. There’s no rush here, it’s really laid back. Service is a little spotty, they come by take your order, and then someone else comes back to take your order again.  The food arrives at a relaxed pace – maybe just taking a little long but nothing is missed.  Yeah, so maybe that wasn’t so great, but heck we weren’t in any rush.  It’s just like being on vacation, just remember what the poster below says, and Happy Eating!!!

Milagro Tequila

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