Juliette et Chocolat – A chocolate oasis in Montreal

Juliet et ChocolatI discovered Juliette & Chocolat about eight years ago while in Montreal.  Designed as a chocolate salon, Juliette et Chocolat offers as excellent chocolate confections and desserts, including ice creams, brownies and truffles.  They also have a light menu of savoury items like buckwheat crepes with a variety of filling like ham, cheese, etc…

However, what distinguishes Juliette et Chocolat from being just another place for dessert, is its Chocolate Bar.   A full-page list of light and dark, hot and cold drinking chocolates.  The Origin Vintages as the menu states is made from cocoa beans sourced from a single country, this includes the Uganda 80% – described as ‘very bitter and strong, with a high percentage of cocoa.  Hints of earth and mushrooms, slightly smoky.”  The Plantation Vintages are made from cocoa beans sourced from a single plantation.  The Mangaro 65% from Madagascar is ‘cultivated on a former mango plantation, tastes of mango.  Hints of gingerbread and citrus fruits. 1st place at the Salon du Chocolat 2003.’*

Dessert drinks – Sweet Creations involve whipped cream, marshmallows and other indulgent ingredients like Nutella and chocolate curls.  The Alcoholic Chocolates combine your favourite liqueurs like Baileys, Cointreau or just straight whisky. Whatever your chocolate weakness is, truffles, ice cream, brownies or beverages you will find them all here and year round.  There are now several locations in the Greater Montreal area.

*Quoted from the Juliette & Chocolat menu

Juliette et chocolat

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4 thoughts on “Juliette et Chocolat – A chocolate oasis in Montreal

      1. I had it last time at the Berri-UQAM location. I can’t remember which one though. I always get their crepes. Either the caramel flambée or the chocolate one. Mmmm.

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