Me.n.u Toronto’s Newest Food Truck

Saturday night, June 14 a hungry crowd starts to line up at the north corner of University and Queen for the much-anticipated launch of the Me.n.u (pronounced Me & U – get it?) food truck.

Started by two friends from Thornhill, Ont., Allen and Bryan invested a few years of their life travelling and researching to make sure they had the skills to fuel their passion for food.  The Me.n.u truck’s Asian Fusion street food is an exciting addition to the Toronto food truck scene.  The high spirited team and emcee Joe outside the truck, kept the energy going and made things interesting and entertaining throughout the evening.  He and the team made sure orders were complete, filled quickly and that everyone was happy and satisfied.

Joe Emcee Menu

Saturday’s launch menu included their signature Rice Balls available in Porkilla, Angry Birds and 1Up (Veg) – very filling and reasonable at 2 for $6.00.  Also featured were –


IMG_8054some creative mashups of traditional and popular street fare, including the Smokin’ Peking Duck poutine – fries with gravy, shredded duck, crispy duck skin, topped with just a touch of cheese and green onion.  Let me just say, there were no fries left unaccounted for when I was done with this dish.


The roti taco was filled with satay chicken, spicy mayo (I think) and fresh veg. The roti as soft taco shell is light flaky container for the filling.  A pulled beef brisket version is also on the menu.

photo 4

Some good vibes playing and happy faces chowing down on some of the best Asian fusion street food in the city.  So, 1 order of Smokin’ Peking Duck poutine, one roti taco and two rice balls and a bottle of water for a total of $20.00 was tasty, filling and great value for two.

IMG_1294Congrats to the  happy and  hard-working crew inside the truck, including Allen and Bryan.  Look for them at the around the city and at the usual food truck outposts and make sure you get in line – it’s well worth the short wait.  Want to learn more about them, visit their website 





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