Eating through Quebec City Series

Last weekend’s move to Daylight Savings time has most people happy about the warm of Spring time. But for some this means the number of ski days are limited. Some cities however, will continue to have wintry weather but fabulous spring skiing  days ahead.

La Ville de Quebec, or Quebec City is a city that I absolutely love in all seasons. A rich history and joie de vivre is for me is about experiencing winter. Brilliant sunny days are the briskest, but it doesn’t stop Quebec’s hearty people from enjoying each day.

The icy wind off the St. Lawrence River is alive as it breaks through the narrow alleys of Old Quebec City. Turning snow to whirling ghosts passing against the windows and street signs.


The old center is the material you see in history books. A Unesco World Heritage site, Quebec City is the only North American city to have preserved its ramparts, together with the many bastions, gates and defensive works which still surround it. The urban ensemble of the Upper and Lower Town is one of the best remaining examples of a fortified colonial city.

Restaurants and small hotels fill the old walls of the old city.  Trees along the streets are laminated in icy layers. Tourists some ready for the frigid winds, and others overwhelmed by cold converge by the many fireplaces.  

For many years an annual excursion to Quebec City was part of my vacation plans. An annual pilgrimage of returning to original favourites and discovering new places and trying new dishes.

But that was a while ago. It’s been over fifteen years since my last visit and as always, research and planning are always key to my eating itinerary.

In the next few posts I’ll be writing about six dining and hotel experiences.

Before getting into the culinary part of the tour here are a few photos of the Old City and restaurants.


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